A CBD marketplace company wants to educate consumers and help them avoid sketchy products sold just to make a buck

By David Hodes

Starting a CBD marketplace company has been a project based in education, both about the product, who makes it and why, and what the consumer should know about it. In fact, education is a big part of what Paul Talbot, owner of Boulder-based Infused, A CBD Marketplace, does.

He started his company in January as an online marketplace for various hemp-based CBD brands, now representing 35 different brands. “The company is primarily focused on education and high-quality products,” he says. “We also do a lot of events in the Boulder and Denver area (100 events or so this year), focusing on education, and talking to consumers about products for
non-psychoactive CBD.”

He says that he is very cautious about what brands he represents. “There are some
companies out there who don’t have an interesting brand story,” he says. “We want to work with people who are giving back to the environment and have products that are very unique. There are a lot of people who are doing really bad injustices to the market. We want to work with companies that are formulating their own products, with different formulations or unique essences that I consider important.”
Some of the companies he represents are sold in luxury designer stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys.

Familiar brands he represents include Cococanna, Mr. Moxey’s, Pachamama CBD, plus pet products from Gron and Austin and Kat. “Those companies are doing a good job in promoting their brand,” Talbot says. Talbot just opened a store with a large selection of quality CBD products on 9th street in downtown Boulder. “We really fill a niche here,” he says. “A lot of people are going to sketchy head shops that sell bongs and bad vape juices or hardware stores and buying products there, but really have no idea what they are getting. If I was a CBD seller, even if I have a reputable product, I wouldn’t want to be selling my products at a head shop because it gives me that stigma of what am I really selling. I don’t want Infused, A CBD Marketplace to be associated with a company that is sold in sketchy vape shops.”

Infused, A CBD Marketplace is looking to expand into other markets in the next two years – Texas, The Dakota’s and on the East and West Coast – opening more calming boutique locations. “I want to bring a trusted name and catalogue to these places. We get a lot of tourists here in Boulder that are loving these products but don’t have access to it in their states, all our products being TSA Approved for travel. When buying CBD try and stay away from companies just selling it to make an extra buck, we don’t sell hammers or bongs, but we do specialize in CBD.

Location – 1909 9th Street Unit 130, Boulder Colorado 80302

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