While Cannabis is not CBD, the active ingredient CBD is still part of the enjoying property if getting high doesn’t need to be part of the experience.

Marijuana both relaxes our sexual organs and enhances our erogenous sensations. That it’s still illegal in some states is illogical.

Written by – Lara Sterling

My boyfriend and I have just left the restaurant where we’ve eaten a delicious meal. We’re waiting to cross the street when he takes out a joint and lights it. We smoke as we walk to our favorite dispensary. The cannabis enhances our journey. The colored lights of the Los Angeles downtown cityscape glow all the more brightly. The air feels warmer and more comforting; the city sounds lull.

When we arrive at the dispensary, now open for the sale of recreational marijuana in the state of California, we enter the brightly lit store. Young sales associates rush around to guide customers to the right purchase. The dispensary boasts expertly packaged products and tasteful displays. Clearly a lot of money is going into this industry, but it’s not just so people can get high. Quite a few products target sexual health, which is why my boyfriend and I are there.

Our sex life has greatly benefited thanks to marijuana. That some politicians continue to tout marijuana as a dangerous gateway drug or an example of moral decrepitude is ridiculous. Cannabis helps couples feel closer and therefore be more stable. Focus on the family, right?

For this evening’s bout of lovemaking, we purchase a cannabis-infused bath bomb as well as a vape pen that’s engineered to create “passion.” The vape is specifically geared to be used when having sex. We also buy a tincture that is sprayed right onto your sexual parts to increase sensation. It’s a water-based lube that’s also steeped in cannabis. Then we return to my boyfriend’s place for a night of sex.

He fills the bath, and we let the bath bomb sizzle while we soak naked in the tub. We relax, and I feel my muscles open up. This is so necessary for me, as I suffer from back pain that is only exacerbated by the hours I spend every day in front of my computer. I also have TMJ, which means I grind my teeth at night. Even sleeping with a mouth splint means I still often wake up with neck pain and a headache. This has all led to the tightening of my pelvic floor, and that’s contributed to numbness and lack of sensation in my vagina. Cannabis use helps my body to relax in a way that over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can’t. It’s also safer and less addictive than the benzodiazepines I’ve been prescribed by doctors.

After the bath, we dry ourselves off, then inhale some vapor. I feel my body release even more — all of my body, which means my vagina as well. My erogenous zones feel like they’re lighting up all over, begging to be touched.

We move to the bed where my boyfriend sprays some of the tincture on my clitoris and vulva lips. When we finally have sex, it’s sex I don’t want to stop. I climax with multiple orgasms. Once my orgasms subside, I feel every muscle in my body go slack. I feel my body as I haven’t felt it in years. I feel my muscles without tension or pain. I feel the body I had before I began to spend my days sitting in a chair, typing at a computer. The knots in my muscles from my feet to my neck cease to ache.

“I’ve found it’s really good for sex,” he said when he proposed we smoke some weed after he all too easily lured me back to his place.

I Wasn’t Always a Cannabis Connoisseur — Then I Was

Today I’m a converted cannasexual, but I wasn’t always this way. I’ve never been against marijuana a la Jeff Sessions. I quit smoking weed at eighteen because I didn’t like the effect it had on my body and mind. I remember being a teenager, a group of us huddled around a baggie full of shake that somebody’s older sibling had bought for us and now we were going to smoke it through an empty soda can. It was crap weed that brought on paranoia and depression. I’d profess my deep thoughts to my shallow friends and get made fun of. By the end of high school, I swore off marijuana as well as said acquaintances. I decided I hated weed and that was that.

Cut to my forties, when I left my marriage and went on a sexual odyssey. Part of this odyssey incorporated cannabis smoking. Using weed to enhance sex was first suggested by a former male model from Croatia, whom I met on Craig’s List back when the website still had its dating section.

“I’ve found it’s really good for sex,” he said when he proposed we smoke some weed after he all too easily lured me back to his place. He was tall, gorgeous, and had a sexy accent. Now he was advising a way to make sex even better? And yet I was nervous to smoke lest I become a paranoid freak in front of this beautiful man. After a little convincing, I took a couple puffs, and let’s just say wow.

Marijuana has changed a lot since those days back when I was in high school, when you smoked whatever you could get your hands on, which was most likely the cheapest grade weed.

Cut to today, when technology and luscious packaging make you feel like you’re buying an Apple product when you purchase legal marijuana. There are standards, expectations and rules for cultivation and distribution. Today’s cannabis has pharmaceutical quality and strength.

After just a couple tokes of a “cookies” strain, the sex went to a different level. I felt like I could keep going and going and going, and what’s more, I felt like I could be penetrated in any position and it would still feel orgasmic. I no longer needed clitoral stimulation, which I almost always require these days during non-high sex. Suddenly, I could do all the things I’d previously only heard women say were pleasurable. I could have sex in ways that would have taken quite a lot of maneuvering so that it would feel good for me without the weed: doggy-style, reverse cowgirl, wheelbarrow. You name it; I could do it, and the sensation was mind-blowing.

My tryst with the Croatian former model was short-lived, but I will feel forever grateful to him for introducing sex on cannabis to me.

With an indica, I take a couple puffs, and it’s like my vagina simply demands to be penetrated.

Sex With Cannabis

My boyfriend and I have been utilizing cannabis to enhance our sex life for a while now. I found smoking indicas work best for sex. Sativas don’t relax me like indicas do. With an indica, I take a couple puffs, and it’s like my vagina simply demands to be penetrated. I need a finger inside of me or more. My bottom feels the same. And any way I’m penetrated feels amazing.

Cannabis relaxes my muscles and opens me up. Even after I have an orgasm, my sense of relaxation goes deeper. I feel how I typically breathe all wrong, shallow with my throat constricted. My jaw releases, and I melt into the bed.

Cannabis has medicinal value, especially when it comes to sex, and the real sin is that it’s not legal everywhere.

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