Infused, A CBD Marketplace

We are a family run small business

We put our hearts into everything we do and really started this business to connect with individuals and help them find CBD focused health and wellness products that stand out amongst the rest.

The products we sell have purpose and meaning, we just don't sell something to sell it. Our CBD products, Cannabinoid formulations and everything we have in the store fits in an aesthetic. They are thought about and purposeful. When you shop online or in one of our 2 stores, anytime you talk with us online you are getting a real person. Pick up the phone and call, we will answer (unless we are sleeping). Here is a great article that does address many common questions and misconceptions.

What to know about our products and how we choose them


We shop with our eyes and we appreciate design and aesthetics


Quality of product, uniqueness, formulation and company story


Price, while branding and quality are important we also believe in getting those for a good price.

Sure you might be able to get something else for less and we encourage you to get that product if you feel it is right for you, but at the end of the day we hope that our transparency, commitment to quality and most important your health and wellness will give you value.

Our Locations

LOHI Denver

2405 W 32nd Ave
Denver,Colorado 80211
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1406 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, Connecticut 06070
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